Keswick Ministries

Mobile app for Keswick Ministries provides 15,000 convention visitors with a new way to engage.

Every summer, Keswick Ministries hosts a three-week Convention attracting 15,000 Christians from the UK and around the world. The event provides Bible teaching for all ages set in the beautiful Lake District.

Keswick Ministries engaged Drummer to develop a companion app to support the Convention in 2017. This was the first time that the organisation had ever developed an app, and represented a major advancement.

Drummer worked collaboratively to develop a specification which reflected how the app would be used by Convention attendees, an app-map to show the structure required, and wireframes to reflect what each page should contain and how it should function to support and maximise the overall user journey.

The app allowed Convention attendees to browse the event programme by week and day, by speakers, or by location. The user was able to flag events that they want to attend which then created a personalised list of their preferred events to optimise each person’s Convention experience.

The app has been very well received and provided a new way for attendees to engage with the Convention. It promises to be an annual resource with year-on-year refinements to develop the user experience even further.