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A Cause-Driven, Impact-Focused Marketing & Communications Agency

We Are Drummer

We are the strategic marketing & communications agency for cause-driven, faith-based organisations.

We bring insight, creativity and expertise to help achieve growth and deliver real impact for people-serving causes.

We see opportunities and respond to challenges by developing creative, impactful and bespoke solutions that help our clients develop, grow and innovate - all to benefit the people and causes they exist to serve.

Rooted in creativity, fuelled by curiosity and powered by innovation, Drummer exists to add value. For over 25 years, we’ve served our clients by immersing ourselves in their world, being invested in what matters most to them, asking the right questions, and delivering work that makes a difference.

With a proven track record of success, Drummer stands ready to elevate your marketing & communications. Get in touch to begin your journey, or continue scrolling to find out more.

What We Do

We provide insights to inform effective decisions and strategies. Everything we do is underpinned by a culture of creativity and innovation. And we achieve impact by crafting all the things you need to reach and engage your audience wherever and whoever they are.

Strategic Consulting

Guiding your organisation with expert insights to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities.


Igniting your brand's creative spark to craft compelling campaigns and ideas that captivate audiences.

Research & Insights

Uncovering valuable data-driven insights to inform decisions and fuel your success

Campaign Planning & Fundraising

Crafting winning strategies for impactful campaigns and successful fundraising initiatives.

Strategy & Process

Optimising your business processes and strategies for maximum efficiency and results.

Data Insight Services

Transforming data into actionable insights to drive informed decisions and growth.

Systems & Technology

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and enhance performance.

Audience Analysis

Deep-diving into your audience's behaviors and preferences for targeted engagement.

Journey Experience & Mapping

Creating immersive, customer-centric experiences through holistic journey mapping.

Cross Platform Design

Crafting seamless and engaging user experiences across a multitude of platforms and devices.

Branding, Positioning & Identity

Shaping and defining your brand's essence, personality, and presence in the market.

Creative & Art Direction

Guiding the visual and creative direction to bring your brand's vision to life.

Video Production & Photography

Capturing moments and stories through compelling visual storytelling.

Illustration & Animation

Bringing ideas to life with captivating visuals, from static illustrations to dynamic animations.

Content Gathering

Curating and collecting engaging content to fuel your marketing efforts.

Copywriting & Editing

Crafting persuasive and polished written content to resonate with your audience.

UX/UI/CX Design

Designing intuitive and user-centric digital experiences that captivate and convert.

Campaign Management

Efficiently overseeing and orchestrating all elements of your marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Digital Marketing

Harnessing the power of the digital realm to reach, engage, and convert your target audience.

Cross Platform Digital Development

Creating versatile and responsive digital solutions that function seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Event Logistics

Meticulously planning and executing every detail to ensure your events run smoothly and successfully.

Fulfilment & Distribution Services

Providing end-to-end logistics and distribution services to deliver your products to your customers efficiently.

Data Processing Services

Transforming raw data into actionable insights and structured information to drive informed decisions.

Donor Management

Tailoring your marketing efforts to reach and engage specific target audiences effectively.

Bespoke Solutions

Crafting customised and unique solutions to address your specific business needs and challenges.

Our work achieves impact and response

We work across sectors, platforms and channels to deliver creative, impactful and response-driven marketing. Everything we do harnesses our skill, expertise and experience to respond to your specific requirements.

Compassion UK Different Path campaign
Chelsea Football Club stadium promotional video
Mayfield School campaign
Christian Aid e-Envelope digital development
Samaritan's Purse When Life Gives You Lemons campaign
Marshall Tufflex recycling campaign
OM UK Ordinary to Extraordinary campaign
NHS The Fantastic FRED Experience
Compassion UK bespoke mailing
Keswick Ministries event app
Compassion UK website
Good Shepherd Church of India systems design
Jem & Bea website
Compassion UK supporter magazine
NHS Good Mental Health Matters campaign

We work with amazing clients

For over 25 years, we’ve been privileged to serve organisations achieving real change through charitable interventions, relief and development, education, healthcare - and so much more.

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Working with us is easy

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