Moodboards - bringing the creative brief to life

Moodboards - bringing the creative brief to life

Great design work starts with a great brief. If the brief is confused or woolly, then chances are, that's the kind of work you'll end up with. But of course, a great brief doesn't guarantee great work, it's down to the interpretation – turning words into pictures.

The brief may, for instance, state that a brand needs to come across as 'contemporary, cool and cutting edge', 'brand leader, professional and authoritative' or 'warm, inviting and established'. As you might imagine, there are 1001 ways of bringing these kind of brand positioning statements to life.

At Drummer, understanding our clients and their business is at the core of the way we work. Even though we might be convinced that the brief is right, we won't always dive straight in to our sketch books. More often than not, to provide further clarification, our designers will produce a series of mood boards as the first stage of the design process.

Mood boards act as a tool to capture the overall feel of the brand or as a visual aid to help communicate a specific idea. Using a collage of images and text, a mood board is a great way of experimenting with different possible visual aesthetics, tones, colour palettes or attitudes. This is just a preliminary stage – part of the inspiration for creating something (it could be branding, graphic design, advertising or digital design) that is unique and meets the brief.

Starting with a scrap book of possibilities is a really effective way of freeing up the creative process and determining whether a potential design direction will suit a brand. Here's some we made earlier…


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